UC Consulting

Experienced UC Consulting and advice is your first business need on your journey for planned migrations onto a new platform or a green field implementation of a new technology within your existing IT landscape. You need consulting architectural expertise and experience to design the concept tailored to your business needs followed by a technical project manager with a team of engineers to implement your project. We at FS-IT have everything and everybody available for you under one roof only a few mouse clicks or a phone call away.

We offer many years of architectural, PM and support engineers expertise from enterprise organisations as big as 300 000+ employees but we happily service SME organizations. FS-IT is one stop shop starting with the design, implementation to production and ongoing support 12/5 or 24/7. We are able to take care of all your UC related needs from strategy and planning to management services.

Our experience working with top corporate firms has allowed us to gain the necessary experience that organizations need beyond packet loss and jitter but the need for accurate managerial reporting, monitoring and alerting to enable managers to make informed business critical decisions and engage in budgetary planning in time. Transform your UC services with our experienced team of professionals designing a cost-effective and state of the art solution for your organization.

Do you have a project on your hands and need help with it? click here to book a free consulting session with our senior consulting architect to discuss your project. Please go to the contact us section - there is a the booking link or call our office number.

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