Empowering Cognitive, Conversational Search with AI-First Technology


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SearchAssist proudly stands as the world's first conversational search assistant, driven by the incredible capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs). This groundbreaking solution harnesses cutting-edge LLMs and generative AI technologies to provide users with search results that are not just relevant but also personalized and contextual, tailored to their intent and preferences. SearchAssist transcends traditional keyword-based search, delivering precise answers and contextual recommendations across a wide spectrum of applications, including websites, e-commerce, customer service, and workplaces.

Key Features :

  • Conversational Search: Seamlessly blend search and chat to offer insightful answers and recommendations.
  • Federated Search: Leverage the power of LLM and Generative AI technology to enhance the search experience.
  • No-Code Interface and Workbench: Configure and adapt search experiences effortlessly.
  • Results Tuning: Deliver personalized and contextual search results to cater to user preferences.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Continuously learn and refine search experiences for optimal performance.

With SearchAssist, you can unlock the potential of AI-driven, conversational search that adapts to the unique needs and expectations of your users. Elevate your search capabilities with's SearchAssist.